Your growth.

Our obsession.

Loop is an analysis subscription crafted for our small & medium business friends.
We close the loop from customer insights to action.

Oh, and we do it in plain English.

Whether you realise it or not..

You already have data.
We'll make it valuable.

We make it valuable by connecting analytics to action.

We guarantee that you’ll receive insights and recommendations from us that actually make sense. And that you can actually implement in your business.

We’ll even track the results of these actions.

So you can close the Loop.

And grow.

Here's how it works

No need to assemble your own superstar data team. Use ours.

Subscribe to the monthly plan that best suits your needs. 

We’ll curate bespoke customer insights and recommendations into your inbox every fortnight or month, using our software and our team of data experts.

Something come up? Send us unlimited custom requests and receive a custom analysis in a few days.

Vaxa Analytics delivered over and above my expectations, were professional, transparent in everything they did, and easy to work with.

And unlike the others*, we're not here to lock you into some super expensive analytics software.

Just a fair, flat, monthly fee.

For world-class analysts, data engineers, and strategists, working on your business.

*: Our lawyer recommends we graciously acknowledge the work of other analytics agencies and respectfully nod in approval at the validity of their pricing arrangements.

What can your data tell you?

The success of any business depends on fulfilling the needs of its customers. 

We’re the expert on analytics that monitor this relationship.

See your customers behaviour over time

Point-in-time analysis only goes far. We monitor your core customer segments over time, and can highlight events where you effectively re-engaged them or (hopefully not) lost them. 

Applications: Close the Loop by using this to optimise marketing, promotions, incentives, and product-market fit – and track the results of your change.

No subscriptions? No worries

We can track churn even if you don’t have a subscription program using our fancy statistical models. Get a read on where each customer is in the lifecycle and what treatment they may need to stick around longer.

Applications: measure the health of your business by how your active customer segment is trending, and apply treatments only to those about to lapse out to save effort – and cash.

Steer customers towards your high-value events

Determine if specific events or customer attributes lead to a high-value action, like a big sale or an upgraded membership. 

Applications: Steer customers towards high-value events and away from low-value events to optimise towards your goal; alter your acquisition strategy to find more customers that fit this mould. 

And much more

We have a vast library of customer analytics we can run using just your existing data. 

If we don’t have it, we’ll build it. For free.

Vaxa Analytics’ ability to understand our product holistically has allowed for proactive adjustments to the program that has delivered excellent results, with revenue, process improvement and stronger customer engagement.

Discover your

Loop membership


Track things right

We bring all our customer analytics expertise and years of code we’ve developed to help you skip over the hardest parts.

We keep on top of things

Receive answers to any questions in just a few days.

No time to reach out? We’ll keep you across what’s important in any format that works for you.

This isn’t the analytics you used to know. It’s analytics done right. 

We’ll handle the technical stuff while you focus on growing your business.

While our team may be geeks, there’s no technobabble to be found. 

We speak plain English and are here with you every step of the way. 

Here for the ride

We’ll also help you implement, measure and iterate on your business. 

Need specialist support? Tap into our exclusive network of discounted providers.  

Loop is well suited for..

And also well suited if you don't want to pay for..

Senior Data Engineer

The Data Connector.
$ 130,000 Median annual salary in Australia
  • Ensures data flows from one system to another
  • Ensures data quality in the data pipelines

Senior Data Analyst

The Data Reader.
$ 95,000 Median annual salary in Australia
  • Analyses data to extract insights
  • Develops methods for analysing data including selection and implementation of metrics

Senior Business Analyst

The Translator.
$ 115,000 Median annual salary in Australia
  • Translates insights into business language
  • Understands and aligns with business strategy and tactical priorities

Ready to join the Loop?

Loop memberships are strictly limited to maintain quality. 

Select your plan and register to secure your spot in the queue. 


Monthly insights. One custom request at a time.
Best for growing businesses.
$ 5,000 per month
  • All standard customer analytics
  • Insights delivered in format of your choice, monthly
  • Recommendations written by our analysts
  • One custom request active at a time.


Fortnightly insights. Two custom requests at a time.
Best for larger businesses.
$ 8,500 per month
  • All standard customer analytics
  • Insights delivered in format of your choice, monthly
  • Recommendations written by our analysts
  • Experiment design and execution
  • Two custom requests active at a time.

Have something different in mind?

If your needs don’t quite line up with one of our standard Loop memberships, or if you’d simply like to chat, book a call with us. 

Frequently asked questions

Only for as long as you see value in it, which we think will be for a very long time! If your situation changes, you can pause, upgrade, downgrade or cancel your membership at your discretion. No hard feelings. 

We deliver the Loop program remotely, and asynchronously. This means we don’t usually run meetings to deliver our analysis – which means our busy clients don’t need to find time for yet another recurring meeting in the calendar.

Instead, you can receive your analysis in written form via a succinct email, or in a recorded video presentation. This means you can refer back to this analysis in future too.

All your analysis is available in your Loop portal. 

Not too hard. The process of getting started looks like:

  1. One or two remote meetings where we can discuss your business, your goals, review your business strategy etc.
  2. We then ask you to arrange us access to your systems where we can extract data. This is usually your CRM, POS, or ERP software. We’ll guide you through this.
  3. We undertake the setup and deliver a baseline analysis.
  4. We’ll set you up with access to your Loop portal so you can review your analysis and submit custom requests.
  5. From here, you’ll receive your insights on schedule. 

While implementation isn’t technically part of the Loop membership, we’re more than happy to coordinate implementing recommendations with you or our partners.

For the implementation of larger or specialist recommendations (for example, a media campaign), we can refer you to a preferred supplier in the Loop network with a discount, or you can use your own supplier. 

Invite as many as you like – as long as they work for you, it’s all included. 

Anything related to your customers (and their transactions) is in scope for the Loop program. This is where we find most of your growth will come from.

We do deliver transport, logistics, and operational analytics and automation but these aren’t part of the Loop program just yet. Let us know if you’d like to see it! In the meantime, shoot us a message to see how we can support these requests separately. 

Never. All your analysis occurs in Australia.

In exceptionally rare cases, we may need to use specialist overseas capability (e.g. machine learning) but you must approve this in writing. 

Payment is via Stripe, where you have the option to pay via credit card, the BECS direct debit system, or via wire transfer (invoice). Whatever makes your life easier. 

We’re passionate and committed to data security. In many cases, we don’t need personally identifiable data to do our analysis which limits risk exposure.

In all instances, your data never leaves Australia (unless we get this in writing from you). Our cloud hosting providers are  Google Cloud and AWS, all hosted in their Australian regions.

Lots of people make lots of money by gatekeeping analytics. We fundamentally disagree with this approach, and are passionate about bringing this to small & medium businesses – even if that means not making money hand over fist. Seriously.

We’ll give you access to your own Loop portal where you can submit this. Or your can SMS it to us. Or send a voice recording. Or carrier pigeon.

As long as your request gets to us, we’ll work on it.