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Discern and build the best software solution for your bespoke problem.
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We believe that software development is a crucial component of our services. That’s why we have an in-house software development team that can help our clients build custom solutions that meet their specific needs.

Why do we develop software?

Sometimes we’re asked why we develop software if we’re “just” an analytics firm. Well, we understand that data is only as useful as the tools that are used to collect it, analyse it and use it. That’s why we believe it’s important to be able to develop custom software solutions that can help our clients make the most of their data.

Advantages of our in-house development capability for you.

Having an in-house development capability has several advantages for you:

  • Custom solutions: By developing software in-house, we can build custom solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. This means that you don’t have to compromise on functionality or fit.
  • Quick turnaround: With an in-house development team, we can get started on projects quickly, delivering solutions faster than if we had to rely on an external development team.
  • Better communication: By working with an in-house development team, you can expect better communication and a more seamless process. This can help ensure that projects are delivered on time and to the desired specifications.

Practical examples.

Here are a few examples of the types of software that we have developed in-house for our clients:

Off-the-shelf solutions.

Our in-house capability also helps us recognise when and where ROI exists for our clients to build a custom solution, or compromise and settle with a commercial off-the-shelf solution.

We help our clients in an end-to-end manner, collecting requirements, evaluating existing solutions, and rolling out and supporting the solution long-term. We’re your long-term partner in all things software and analytics.

So you want a custom solution developed?

We’ll help you find or build the best-fit solution for your organisation.

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