A data-first financial model for a new public-facing product, delivering exceptional results

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The Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) is a non-profit organisation and Queensland’s trusted leader in tertiary admissions for more than 40 years. QTAC provides a one-stop shop for 17 higher education providers in Queensland and northern New South Wales, across both undergraduate and postgraduate admissions. 

Vaxa Analytics was engaged to assist QTAC in the development of a financial model regarding a new public-facing product. The Vaxa Analytics team worked to find and integrate a range of third-party datasets and relevant industry benchmarks to build the model under several scenarios.  

The team were able to project the growth of the product under those scenarios, accounting for various revenue stream, growth profiles and sensitivities over time. 

Additionally, Vaxa Analytics provided advice at a strategic level on the analytics and data-driven development of the new product, what QTAC should be looking to integrate into the product to understand which features users are using, and how that impacts long-term product retention. 

“Curtis and the Vaxa Analytics team helped us determine what data we should be accessing and how best to use it to get the most accurate results and insights,” QTAC’S Head of Strategic Growth, Kristie Fankhauser, said. 

“It was great having a specialist external team work on this project rather than impacting our internal team who were extremely busy during a peak time for our business. 

“Vaxa Analytics delivered over and above my expectations, were professional, transparent in everything they did, and easy to work with. I have already recommended them to many people and hope to continue our working relationship on this project and future ones.” 

The outcome 

The financial model was reviewed by QTAC’s engaged forensic accountant who agreed with the assumptions presented in the model and the data used. The model was an important part of the work required to progress further development of the product. Work is continuing. 

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