Driving fundraising growth using analytics

Endeavour Foundation is an independent, for purpose organisation established in 1951 with a vision to support people with an intellectual disability to live their best life. Endeavour Foundation Lotteries fundraising contributes to programs and services that deliver on making possibilities a reality for people with a disability.

Vaxa Analytics was engaged to analyse the performance of their complex lottery product, with an aim to discover and unlock growth opportunities using data-driven decision making. Endeavour Foundation Lotteries chose Vaxa Analytics to undertake this scope of work based on the proven track record in the foundation’s commercial industry arm, Endeavour Foundation Industries.

The outcome

The Vaxa Analytics team delivered critical pieces of data management infrastructure – including the introduction of state-of-the-art marketing automation and behavioural analytics platforms and providing project services on the replacement of the core lottery software system – towards an automatic and unified view of customers and the product. The team designed and operationalised new data sets via self-service reporting and enabled more advanced capabilities like machine learning and multivariate analysis. These capabilities delivered accurate answers on complex questions like customer churn, segmentation, purchase propensity and revenue forecasts. By understanding Endeavour Foundation Lotteries’ long term product strategy and building and delivering an aligned data strategy, Vaxa Analytics unlocked millions in annual revenue improvements and laid the foundations for improved customer experience and product growth moving forward.

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